Welcome to my website.  I'd like to introduce myself, and give a brief statement about the art you will see here.

My name is Patrice Arant.  Professionally, I am newly retired from a long career as an art teacher at a public high school.  I have always been an artist, but during my years in education, my main focus was on cultivating the artistic skills and creativity of my students.  Since retiring I've been able to dedicate time and energy to producing my own work. 

The natural world has always inspired my work.  Changing skies and seasons, lichen on rocks, sculptural winter trees, light on grass and foliage are some of the catalysts for my painting.  I am now exploring my own responses to the beauty, energy, spirit and mystery I see in nature, translated into abstract elements in my paintings.  I'm trying to capture the internal essence of the phenomenon rather than its literal image.  I want to convey this to the viewer.  As with the painting to the right, sometimes this exploration takes me deep below the surface of forms, other times it is the recreation of a sensation, feeling or idea.  Color, brushwork and raised, textural areas are some of the means of achieving these effects. 

When I am painting, I become completely immersed in the activity, allowing a flow between myself and the canvas.  Hopefully what I am trying to say comes through in the finished work.  What I love about abstraction is the dialogue it creates between the viewer and the art.  Each person brings their own perspective to the piece, experiencing it in their own unique way.  One of my goals is to invite this communication. 


Paintings by Patrice Arant